Direct Primary Care Services


House Visits –

 What makes Dr. LA unique as a physician is that she will come to her patient’s homes when her help is needed most. Homebound patients can be seen by the doctor regularly and many problems may be addressed without requiring a trip to the emergency room.

It is important that the doctor will communicate with the family and caregiver to optimize care for the patient.


Comprehensive Care –

Family medicine is a unique specialty; allowing for addressing about 90% of patients’ needs and treating and monitoring chronic conditions which can coexist in one individual.

You do not have to see several different doctors. Your care will be coordinated by one primary care physician with appropriate referral to specialists.


Preventative Care –

 Proactive prevention of diseases is the key to a healthy life.

By following current guidelines, we can provide annual physicals, school/sport physicals, women’s care (PAP, birth control, etc.), STD screening and treatment, vaccinations, annual wellness visits, DMV evaluations, and more.


Hospital Admissions

Dr. Afonicheva is one of few private primary care physicians who sees her patients in the hospital; essential in continuous personalized care

End of Life Care – 

When your loved one has terminal illness and chooses not to use invasive treatments and procedures anymore, Dr. Afonicheva will continue to care for, stand by, and provide support for the seriously ill patient and the family to diminish suffering.

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